Choose Good Content To Maximize Your Marketing

Choose Good Content To Maximize Your Marketing

Online marketing depends on a few important factors, and some of the biggest include search engine optimization and sharing through social media.  For both these marketing methods, businesses should create unique and interesting content that will draw interested visitors to their website and convince them that their products or services are worth paying for.  Content can come in many different forms, so you have several options to choose from when you start building up your content.

Blogs Or Articles

Blog entries or articles (two names for essentially the same thing) are popular content options for businesses both big and small.  Blogs have a few advantages over other forms of content:

  • In a blog, you can repeat important keywords throughout the body of the text to increase its visibility to search engines.
  • Blogs are straightforward to create, and anyone with a certain amount of writing skill can make one.
  • Blogs provide a way to show that your business is an expert in your field, and other sites and social media users will link to your blog entries as a way to provide their readers with more information.

Attention span can be a problem since a blog is mostly just plain text, but there are ways of dealing with this.  Writing short paragraphs with simple sentences will help readers get through the content quickly.  Breaking up the text with subheadings and bullet points also keeps readers interested by adding some variety.  Adding images can also help.


An infographic is exactly what it sounds like:  it’s an image filled with bitesize bits of information that the viewer may find interesting.  The image itself draws the viewer’s attention, and the information shows that your company knows what it’s talking about.  Infographics are perfect for posting in visual spaces like Facebook or Pinterest, and with the right software, they’re surprisingly easy to create even without a professional artist or graphic designer.  On the other hand, hiring an expert will make your infographic look more unique and professional.


Videos have become an important part of online marketing.  Few online users need to worry about long buffering times these days, and a video can feel much more engaging than any still image or written article.  The biggest downside is that you need a lot more time, money, and experience if you want to create quality video content compared to a quality blog post or image.  Still, if you can make a good video that interests and informs viewers, it can go a long way to bringing in new customers and converting visitors.

The internet is full of content, and if you want to compete and raise your company’s visibility it’s important to make some unique and high-quality content of your own.  Whether it’s text, still images, videos, interviews, memes, or something else, people will notice if you can make better content than any of your competition.  It also helps to have an experienced digital marketing team on your side, and if that’s what you need you should see what Stradigi has to offer.