Coming Up With Better Blog Content

Coming Up With Better Blog Content

Blogging is important for a number of reasons. For businesses today, running a blog can help in your SEO, or search engine optimization, it gives your brand a personality, it establishes you as an authority in your field, and it gives your audiences a reason to stop by and spend real-time on your website. While many businesses of all sizes realize how important blogging is, that doesn’t make coming up with great content any easier. Naturally, the best blogs are the most effective blogs, and you want your efforts to pay off each time you sit down to write a post.


Sometimes great blogging content just comes to you, and other times it simply doesn’t. Most professionals know what it feels like to want to create great blog content, but nothing comes to mind when your fingers hit those keys.


Tips For Brainstorming Better Blog Content


A few tips can really get you started, giving you the inspiration you need to craft a blog that really represents your brand. A few tips for brainstorming better blog content are:


  • Ask customers and turn questions into blogs – Have you ever had questions come up on your social media pages? Have you had calls addressing the same concerns over and over again? This is a perfect blog inspiration. When you take your blog content ideas right from the customers’ mouths, you’re giving your audience base the exact information they’re looking for when they come to you. Not only are you giving the people what they want, but you’re also establishing yourself as an authority in the industry.


  • Take inspiration from favorite posts – If you search into your analytics tools, and you see that some blog posts have more traffic and engagement than others, you can take inspiration from these posts to create further posts with similar engagement. Maybe these posts address specific questions, maybe they use more images and video, or maybe they use a certain relaxed voice that really connects with your audiences. These highly trafficked posts show you just what is working.


  • Invite other voices – Do you have clients you’re close with? Other businesses you’re partnering with within your local area? Invite these voices into your blog for interviews and guests posts, and give your audiences something new to read and new perspectives to enjoy.


  • Be vulnerable – When it comes to crafting a human voice for your brand, being vulnerable can make a huge impact. Discuss in blog posts where you went wrong, what went right, and what you’ve learned in your years in the industry. This gives your audiences something human to connect with, and a way to build real engagement with your brand.


Better Blogging For Any Business


Better blogging for your business reaches across industries, and any brand can create a blog that really represents who they are and who they want to be going forward. If you’re interested in making your digital mark with better blogging, contact us at Stradigi to learn more today.