Digital Marketing Tips to Take Your Business to the Next Level in 2020

Digital Marketing Tips to Take Your Business to the Next Level in 2020

It is now a new year and with it, the opportunity to come up with some effective digital marketing tips to take your business to the next level in 2020. Artificial intelligence, lower internet costs, and increased mobile use are all trends that are currently shaping the industry.

A More Global Audience

As you come up with new digital marketing strategies for a new decade, you may want to consider creating some content that is more location-based. However, you also have to consider the actual location of your audience because it may be more globally spread than you initially thought.

Since more and more people also have access to the internet now as well as mobile phones, global market content is essential to appeal to a more international audience. You can also find stories that are much more diverse that will be more appreciated globally.

Videos Help the Buyer's Journey

There is no straight path to purchasing products online as a consumer. There are several touchpoints in which your audience does their research before they actually make the purchase.

Videos are just one way you can help the buyer with their purchasing decisions. They are often looking for videos that answer any questions they may have about certain products. They also look for hauls and recommendations from others who have already used the products.

Videos are also a great strategy for boosting your brand conversions. How-to videos, product comparisons, and even demonstrations are highly desired. You can even reach out to influencers to help with the process as well.


Automation is a good way to support your digital marketing efforts as well. It can help identify, acquire, and nurture customers, identify those with strong intent, and segment users according to their search intent. Additionally, automation also helps to predict future behavior that is based on past behavior while offering an integrated view of the customer so you can provide them with more personalized content.


Personalization is another digital marketing trend we see for 2020. Looking at the buyer's history is a good way to recommend a product that is suitable for them while creating a more personalized message to deliver.

Knowing your customer is a good way to come up with more unique headlines and descriptions to accompany your content, and the automation tools you deploy can help reach the right audience.

The right digital marketing strategy in place for the new year is a good way to reach a wider audience, tailor your message, and help the consumer along the buying journey.

Automation seems to be the biggest advantage going into this new year, so don't wait to use it. If you get behind in automation, you may find that your business is going to struggle to find and keep customers, and you may lose footing in the market.

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