How Important Is Social Media For Your Digital Marketing

How Important Is Social Media For Your Digital Marketing

When it comes to the general user, social media is, without a doubt, one of the most popular platforms now for the casual computer user, with over three billion users worldwide. That’s many people worldwide checking out cat photos and sharing memes! But if you own a business, how important is social media to you?

The answer for many is “very important,” and here are a few reasons why.

It’s Free

If you’re an extrovert or a “digital extrovert” where you already enjoy showing your best self online, on social media, then this is one of the most cost-effective ways to market. Social media can, if you’re on a budget, cost you nothing but your time and your willingness to make posts on social media and interact with the market. While there are options for paying the different platforms to give you premium placement for advertising, that’s not mandatory. So if you or your staff have a flair for social media, start using it to market yourself at no cost.

It’s Where The Market Is 

If you have a business that is aimed at the general consumer, then you need to be on social media because that’s where the consumers are. Any product meant for the general public that doesn’t have some social media presence is a product that the public is more likely to ignore than those that they can occasionally find on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or another popular platform.

It’s A Way To Interact

One of the most alluring things about social media for the public is the chance of interaction with people—and entities—that would otherwise be unapproachable. Some of the most successful digital marketing has been savvy companies that interact with customers on social media and providing a good experience that is available for everyone to see and remember when they’re looking for a similar product. 

It’s Got Global Reach

When you advertise through traditional media like print for mail, posters, or radio/TV ads, you’re only reaching a local audience. But when you use social media, anyone, anywhere on the planet with an Internet connection can see you’re marketing. When you combine that with the fact that social media is potentially free, or you can pay for premium positioning—on a local or global scale—it’s a very effective tool.

You Get Data

With traditional media like print, TV, and radio, you have no idea how effective the marketing is. With social media and other forms of digital marketing, you can see how many people have interacted with your marketing, you know how many have seen it, and you even know where they’ve seen it. This makes your market research much more accurate and useful for planning.

So if you’re thinking of doing some digital marketing, it’s essential that you make social media some component of those plans. For a well rounded, well-integrated, and well-executed digital marketing strategy, come to Stradigi. Contact us, and let us help you reach out to your customers in an efficient, cost-effective, data-rich way.